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Adverbs of Frequency Game

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Two teams of students, each person has cards from a set with adverbs of frequency (sometimes, never, only once, etc). Nobody knows who has which kind of card. (too many cheetahs!!) One person from team A asks person on team B a question, trying to get them to respond with the adverb they have on their card. So, if I am on team A and have the card NEVER, I will ask a student from team B: "How often do you speak English at home?" Hopefully s/he will say "never" and I will get a point for my team. If not, OH WELL! Then a person from team B repeats process and so on. I use this with ESL teens and the winners get a prize like a piece of candy and of course we make the losers do some terrible deed, like throw the candy wrappers in the t rash or clean the blackboard, etc. Enjoy! Let me know if you tried it! : )

Name: sandy patterson
Email: [email protected]
Location: st louis, mo USA

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