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Get your students to write their own "Find someone who..."

Monday: Handout strips of paper and ask the students to write one past tense sentence on what they did during the weekend. eg. I went to the Louvre to see The Sperling Exhibition.

Nip & Snip.....nip out the room for a tick, snip off the I's from the start of each sentence, lay each one face down on the photocopier beneath a FIND SOMEONE WHO.... header then make copies accordingly. Handout and get the students to mingle, encouraging them to go into some depth of conversation.

Do the same on Friday (first lesson) with eg. "I am going to visit Dave's ESL cafe" Then as a final activity for the week, get students to Find Someone who is going to.... once again.

Name: Ronny Jones
Email: [email protected]
Location: Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA

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