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I have been teaching past and future time clauses using a book by Susan Kesner Bland called 'Intermediate Grammar' (BTW, great book for contextualized grammar practice). We have instituted a student laptop program so part of my job requires m e to design lessons which integrate the technology.

I "stole" some paragraphs from a book called 'English Alive'. They included several past and future time clauses. I retyped the paragraphs leaving out all spaces, all capitalization and all punctuation. I gave the students copies of the file and asked them to parse the sentences. This gave them great practice in finding the parts of the story that related to one another and using the correct punctuation. They really had to think about what could be the sub ject of a sentence and what the verbs were. I then had them underline the dependent time clauses. Also, I had them bring in their "drafts" and exchange papers. I found that working together (I only have three kids in the class) forced them to be oral and to "argue" out the answers. Good luck if you try it!

Name: Debra Bedevian
Email: [email protected]
Location: Glencoe, MD USA

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