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Christmas Presents

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Christmas Party: (JH & up)

goal: English-style/manner

Each person buys a gift for a small set price (I use Y600 or less), and brings it wrapped to the party. With all gifts on the table, students draw straws to determine order. The first person chooses whatever gift he/she wants *and opens it immediately*. The second person has the choice of taking the present from the first person, or choosing a new one (and unwrapping it immediately). Usually, they all choose new gifts the first time. When it is my turn, I take someone else's. At the end, this person has to choose either the last gift, or take the present back from me, or from another person. Once they get into this, it is really fun and offers lots of chances to laugh and tease.

Name: Ainslie Baldwin
Email: [email protected]

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