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Find Someone: an Alternative Version

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This is an idea I got from one of Mario Rinvolucri's books. It's an alternative to the typical "Find Someone Who. . ." game.

nstead of giving the students a list, they have to write a list (you can choose the number; I find that 5 works well) which begins with "I want to find someone in this class who. . ." You can either have the students mill around like they do in the original version of the game, but I find with small classes it is very interesting as a whole-group activity. You learn a lot about your students, both from who they want to find and how they answer. One warning: I had one class of university students where some of the guys used this as a sort of personals column, but it was pretty funny.

Name: Teresa Williams
Email: [email protected]
Location: Cheongju, Korea

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