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Introducing Comparatives

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A simple idea for practising/revising/introducing comparatives.

1) Prepare about 10-20 slips of paper with one pair of words on each. For example, love/ friendship

2) Underline/ one of the words so you get a card like this: love/friendship

3) Cards are placed face down on the table in a pile. 4) S takes one of the cards and tries to elicit the second word from their partner by comparing it with the first. Obviously without mentioning the underlined word. With the example shown it could involve something like: "It's less serious than love. It's lasts longer than love..." etc 5) When the word has been guessed, the other S takes a card and so on. 6) THe first pair to complete their cards signals the end of the activity

Note: The choice of pairs will determine how challenging the activity is. It could involve recent vocab., thereby revising it at the same time.

If you have a partner teacher, it is always good to include the pair: You/ your partner teacher Always raises a few laughs as they describe you as 'far more boring than...' etc.

This may be old hat to many of you. Personally, I've only just thought of it.

Name: Nick Tims
Email: [email protected]
Location: Brighton, UK

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