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Using Baseball Teams' Names to Teach Directions

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This is an idea that my husband actually came up with and my students (6-7-8th grade ESL)seem to enjoy it. I use baseball teams' names when teaching directions North-South-East-West) and the states. I write the teams' names on large index cards; I also pass out handouts of xerox copies of US maps. The students read the names and try to locate the state in which they play. This still works even if the team has the name of a city, ie. Los Angeles Dodgers, because most kids know LA is in California. This unit works well in the spring, because of spring training. I would suggest beginning the lesson with a short article cut from the newspaper, about spring training because this will APK and get them interested. I even wear my Florida M arlins Hat! Good luck!

Name: Ellen Murphy
Email: [email protected]
Location: Wilton, CT USA

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