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Christmas Gift Challenge

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Christmas Gift Challenge: I've used this for three years now with adults and children in ESL classes.

Each student looks around the house for an item they want to get rid of, or were about to throw away. Some of the items are very funny (s ocks full of holes, an old gradeschool art project, a cracked cup, a cut-up magazine, a basket full of apple cores and banana peels etc.). The student wraps the gift as attractively as possible and places it on his/her desk to await the gift exchange. Stud ents pull numbers to determine gift order. The first student chooses the gift he wants and opens it inf ront of the class. The second student may choose to take the first student's gift, or choose an unopened gift. You can imagine the results of some of th ese choices. Students are allowed to try to convince others either to take an unwanted gift off their hands, or to give them a gift they would really like in place of thier own once everyone has had their turn. This can be a really hilarious exercise, dep ending on some of the gifts students bring. I DO specify in adult classes that all gifts must be in good taste. Merry Christmas all.. have fun!

Name: Fran Asselin
Email: [email protected]
Location: Ste-Marie, Que Canada

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