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Find the Lie

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Here is a game that I know your students will love:

1- They have to come up with two statements of unusual things they have done in the past.

2- They also have to come up with one statement of something that they did not do; an outright LIE.

3- They write down these statement on a piece of paper and be careful to ask them NOT to show this to anyone.

Then the fun begins...

4- The S comes up front and writes his/her statements on the board (in any order), numbered 1-2-3. The S then reads them aloud and asks the other Ss to find the lie.

The goal of the game is to try to be the best liar in the class so they have to answer all questions truthfully (exept questions related to the lie. The S then has to come up with something believable to the other Ss)

5- This goes on for approximately 3 minutes (or until no more questions are asked).

6- The T then asks the other students to vote on which statement they think is the lie. The T counts the number of raised hands for each statement and finally the S reveals to all which statement was the lie.

The best liar will be the one with the lowest score beside his lie (I keep a record of this; make it into a contest!)

Enjoy !!!!!

Name: Jean-Luc Gosselin
Email: [email protected]
Location: T-Rivieres, Que Canada

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