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Vocabulary Practice For Children

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Vocabulary practice for children taking advantage of kids' natural love of games, competition and running around...

Prepare flash cards of the vocab. you wish to practice and place them in a line on the floor. Put the kids into two teams on each side of the flash cards. Give the kids in team 'A' a number each and do the same for team 'B' - the same numbers. Then say a number and a vocab. item. The two kids with the number you said have a race to get the flash card.

If you only have one copy of the flash cards, the winner will be the first to touch it, if you have two copies then they can each pick up their own card and the winner is the first to give it to you. This can quite easily get out of hand, so its recommended that you be strict on behaviour....e.g. take off points for being rowdy ..etc..

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