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Tips on Using Video in the Classroom

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I'm currently teaching EFL students working at one bank. It's very hard to create an English environment since we don't speak English here. However, I find it effective to create a virtual one with some good movies even if they are low level students.

Here is what I've done: I would give out a sheet of handout with some new words or phrases as well as some discussion questions, and explain so me new words or phrases and a little background about the movie , show the movie for about 30 minutes. I want them to mark whenever they hear the words or expressions in the movie. After that, we discussed about their ideas and opinions on the moive. They seemed more enthusastic talking about it, because they felt they were involved in a "virtual" dilemma with the main character, and so eager to provide solutions to solve the problems. One of my students told me "I thought English movie is very difficult , now I don't feel that way anymore!"

For basic level EFL students, they really need self-confidence to step into the language learning world. Most of them like movies, but are afraid of them, if you can give them a lillte help on that, it would make all difference.

Also, some good movies offer real-life communications with vivid facial expressions, body languages, and dialogues, what's more, good movies convey human emotions and vulnerability that relate to everyone's emotional experiences. That's how the movie motivated my students to think and talk. We have a wonderful time in tears and laughing together.

Currently I've gone through "Dead Poets Society" and "Disclosure". If any teachers need my handouts of the movies, please e-mail me. I will send the m to you through e-mail.

Name: Kevin Tseng
Email: [email protected]
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

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