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Something that I occasionally do with my students is play a fun game that the students really enjoy. It can be played at any level, it just has to be modified to the groups needs. Basically, the teacher chooses a category, ie: television. Then describes a show or character without being too obvious. The students must try to guess the correct answer. The class is divided into 2 teams. The team with the most points at the end of the class wins. The first team has a chance to answer, if they are correct they score a point, if they are incorrect the 2nd team tries. If neither team guesses correctly, more clues are given. The students from each team take turns answering to avoid confusion. If there is a problem with teams giving away answers, you can threaten to deduct a point from the guilty team. I hope you enjoy playing this game, and if I am unclear in my instructions or you have any questions, please E-Mail me, I'd be glad to clarify.

Name: Stephanie Herault
Email: [email protected]
Location: Vaudreuil, Canada

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