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Vocabulary Grid

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Here's something that I've tried recently with a lot of success.

Draw a grid on the board and put a letter/ letters in each square. Divide the class into two teams. One team has to go from top to bottom and one team has to go from right to left. They take it in turns to nominate a letter and you provide a clue to a word that begins with that letter. If the answer is correct then they have captured that letter. The first team to get across the board is the winner.

This teacher-directed version of the game can be used as an appetizer to then asking the students to devise their own questions and use them to play against the other team. This game is excellent for revising vocabulary and/or idioms. You could even use it for introducing some vocabulary items.

I hope this brief description was clear enough for you to enjoy using this game with our students.If the description isn't clear enough then maybe trying it will lead to an even more interesting variant.

Name: Dean Charles
Email: [email protected]
Location: Sabadell, Spain

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