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Just surfing the net while my husband does the dishes - this must be the 90's.

Had a great class today thanks to one of my Mr. Bean videos. Used it 2 ways because of the 2 levels I teach. Basic group - received a sheet of sentences about things that happened in the video. I had taken out the verb but put it (verb stem only) at the end of the sentence. Before seeing the video, students completed the sentences by writing the simple past of each verb. We viewed the film, stopping ever y minute or two. The sentences on the page were NOT in the correct order. We then talked about what had happened and students skimmed/scanned the page to find the write sentence. The first event was numbered 1, the second 2 ... Hint! Print your own copy o f sequence of events BEFORE mixing them up - otherwise nobody will remember what happened when! For advanced group - students were given a list of nouns and verbs that they would need to know. We talked about/learned these words. Students then viewed the film, a minute or 2 at a time. I stopped the film and students wrote a few sentences about what had just happened. They then passed their paper on to the person beside it who corrected it (with my help as the class is small). We did this 6 - 7 times until the movie was finished - which also happened to be 12 noon and time to go home. P.S. Writing also gives teachers a good idea of what students know and don't know. Look for the gaps, errors and you'll get an idea of what to teach the following week!!

Name: Marg H.
Email: [email protected]
Location: Dundas, Ont Canada

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