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Karuta Game

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Karuta Game for junior high team-taught classes.

Make picture cards the size of business cards containing a variety of pictures such as trains, tennis players, sushi etc. Each game set should contain between 70-90 differen t pictures. One set may be used with a group of 6 students so you will need to make a lot of cards. The students spread all the cards out in front of them. The JTE and AET have a simple conversation about a card. JTE: "How do you come to work?" AET : "By train." They students would then search for the train card. The first one to touch/slap it keeps it. The person with the most cards at the end is the winner. Sharp students can anticipate the answer before it is read and have a slight, but not gre at advantage over slower students who hear the answer about 3 seconds after the question is read. On the other side of the cards make a different game containg answers to questions written out. For example; No, I won't. Yes, I have. The AET asks a question and the first person to find the answer keeps it. After the first game is over have the students rotate so that all the first place winners compete with each other and all the second place winners compete with each other and so on. Winners of the second game get an award. Secret to make the cards. Import clip-art into a lable program and print on perforated business card paper, then lamenate. It takes a lot of time and some money to make them but they may be used with all three grades for many years.

This lesson is a proven winner. Lots of excitement.

Name: Michael Lindley
Email: [email protected]
Location: Amagasaki, Japan

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