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Scavenger Hunt

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This works really well in all level classes and is similar to some of the ideas on this page- Scavenger Hunt! Good for work on imperatives. I divide the class into teams and then one student from each team takes a slip of paper o ut of their teams envelope. They discuss what it means, then they have to do whatever is written on the paper. They can do it alone, with a team member, or with the whole team. After they have completed their activity, the next person chooses a slip of paper. I send them to get things from various areas in the school, make them dance, sing songs, count stairs, everything. I give the first team finished a prize (usually candy) and I hand out a few prizes for courage by asking eg. "Who wrote I love KC three times on the board?" "Who kissed their team member" etc.

The kids love it (as do the adults I've tried this with!).

Name: KC
Email: [email protected]
Hokkaido Japan

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