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Making Up Stories

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A way of learning English for intermediate/advanced students is to make up STORIES in a team effort. Just divide your class into groups of 3-4 (or whatever). Give them a set of 7-8 index cards with a word on each card. These words have preferably no connection whatsoever at first glance. Then, have them make up stories using ALL the words provided. The funnier, the merrier! For instance, the following words were given to a group of students in our class: beer, bicycle, padlock, coffee maker, ice chest, camera, baby wipes. Their story came out to be like this (no editting or corrections added!):

"Sam and Betty wake up to the smell of coffee from the coffee maker. Sam who likes beer, put some beer in the ice chest. He goes by bicycle to the beach and locks the bicycle with a padlock. Betty goes by bus with the baby, bringing the baby wipes and a camera to take photos. "

You can colorfully illustrate your words on the card with drawings, magazine cut or other pictures.

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