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Imagining a Photo

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In exchange for all the great ideas already posted, I feel I have to contribute one of my favorites. I teach ESL to adult students from various countries at a school which has weekly enrolment. I think it's important for new students to get comfortable a.s.a.p., but I hate the idea of formalized introductions. To get students to share information about themselves, I give each new student a blank piece of paper which is folded in half. I ask them to imagine that they have brought 4 of their favorite photos from home which represent events, people or places that are important to them for whatever reason. Students can then decide for themselves which information they want to relay to the rest of the class. The audience then has an opportunity to practice their questioning skills to find out more.
You'll find you learn a great deal about who your students are and what is important to them in, in a very short time. Cheers!

Name: Sandi Trillo
Email: [email protected]
Location: Toronto , ON Canada

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