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Writing an Advertisement

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This idea came to me as I was flipping through a magazine and chortling over some of the preposterous claims made by advertisers. Cut out pictures from magazines and have students write adds to go with the items. To begin the exercise, I read several adds to my class and then we discussed terms- like "money back guarantee". Since my class is advanced (adults), one of my aims is to make them street- savy and wary. We discussed the validity of the claims made by the advertisers, also. Then students worked in groups and came up with their own catchy adds. One person read the add while another held the picture of the item for sale. This lesson could be modified to meet the needs of other levels as well by concentrating on use of adjectives, position of adjectives, etc.

Name: Margaret Ann Whitt
Email: [email protected]
Location: Roanoke, VA USA

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