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Guessing Where the Music is From

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I tried this a couple of weeks ago with a basic class, they seemed to enjoy it and practiced my target areas of vocabulary and grammar.

Make a cassette tape with several (5 to 7) samples of music from one to two minutes long (if the samples are much longer, your students will probably get bored; shorter and they won't have enough time to talk about the selections).

Get a large map of the world and have your students try to guess where the music they are hearing came from (by the way...use a wide variety of musical samples--not just from England or America, and not just pop). When a student makes a guess, let them know how far off he or she is; "It's very far from there." or "It's close...go West" etc.

When the correct country has been found, get your student's opinions of the music, have them tell you what kind of music it is and how it makes them feel (happy, sad, nervous and so on).

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