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Writing a Song

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I just want to share with you a super experience I had in my class last week. It's a class of 18 year olds and I must say, its pretty difficult to keep them interested! I put them into 4 groups (16 in the class) and each group did a different activity; one of the groups being with me practising conversation. I asked four of the boys (it is a mixed class) to write a song but they had to also include certain words that I gave them. I also asked them to make up a tune to their song if they could! Well, they spent an hour in complete concentration and then got up in front of the class and sang their song to us all! It was sung in the style of 'barber shop rap'! and was absolutely fantastic! The other students loved it too. I had no idea just how talented my students are!! You should certainly try this one if your students are into music!

Name: Laura Pritchard
Email: [email protected]
Location: Genova, Italy

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