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The last letter of the word must be the first letter of the next word.

You will need a ball, but a screwed up piece of paper is fine.

The teacher throws the ball to one student and says a word, such as "dog".

The student must reply with a word starting with "G," such as "girl".

When answered, the ball is thrown back to the teacher and it is then thrown to the next student, who continues.

The sequence may then be (for example):

girl, look, king, go, octopus, student ... and so on.

You can have the students throwing to each other.

i.e., student A = "Cat," throw to student B = "Today," throw to student C = "Yes," etc.

Please be warned, you may have some fastball pitchers in the class!

Chinese Whispers

Divide the class into even rows.

The last member of each row (at the back of the class) is taken out of the classroom. A "key" letter, word or sentence (depending on level) is given.

The students run back inside, and whisper the "key" to the next student in their row. It is whispered down through the row until the last member writes it on the board.

The first student to write it on the board correctly wins the point for their team/row.

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