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Vocabulary Warmers

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Hello from New Zealand, just a couple of quick vocab warmers to share.

1) The Pyramid Game
Teacher selects a letter from the alphabet but not a letter that you can't make a two letter word from,
eg. Q.X etc.Call out the letter students have to make a 2 letter word, 3 letter word, 4 letter word, 5 letter word. The first student to finish calls out and the game then stops. The end result is a pyramid as the students write the words one under the other.

2) 5 Grid Game
Students draw a grid of 5 by 5. In pairs the students add a letter to the grid. The object of the game is to form words, it's a bit like a word version of noughts and crosses. Score 2 points for 2 letter word, 3 points 3 letter, 4 points 4 letter and 10 points 5 letters.

Name: Gabrielle Harris
Email: [email protected]
Location: Wellington, New Zealand

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