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Songs/Music Cloze

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Songs are a good way to teach in an "Edutainment" way because they incorporate all the language skills:

(1) Listening (to the song)
(2) Reading (following the lyrics to determine the words) (3) Writing (filling in the blanks)
(4) Speaking (singing the song)

Lower Level:

(1) The song sheet is handed out to the students.

(2) The teacher reads each word (at the bottom of the page) and the students repeat. This is done twice.

(3) The tape is played twice in a row, with the students trying to fill in the blanks.

(4) The students are invited to discuss it with their classmates for one minute.

(5) The song is played again and students complete the missing words.

(6) The teacher calls out the correct words. The students mark their papers themselves with a red pen, and record their scores.

(7) The students with a perfect score receive a round of applause.

(8) The song is played, one last time, with everybody singing.

Medium Level:

The same system is used.

However, for the first playing the words are folded under, as shown on the song sheets.

Only at the second listening, are the words revealed.


You can have a lot of fun seeing what the students come up with, before they are allowed to see the correct words.

Higher Level: :

Complete sentences are deleted (liquid paper?), so more words must be recognised.

The words are folded under for the entire listening while the tape is played.

Only after all the listenings are the correct words revealed.

With a little experience, the teacher will easily be able to adjust to the level of difficulty required.

Name: Ian
Email: [email protected]
Location: Tokyo, Japan

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