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Animal Concentration Game

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After making 40 wild animals concentration cards (I bought the farm animals concentration cards), I was exhausted. It took 5 hours to make them right, the copying, coloring, pasting, and lamination. Then, those cards fell apart quickly, so I had to spend another 5 hours making the cards again. If anyone is interested, I can give them the do's and don't's of laminated concentration game art, but that's not why I'm posting now.

I wanted to say that, given the work I put in them, I am trying to use these cards in every conceivable way, on my primary school and middle school kids, regardless of class size. so, I do the following:

* What is this? (This is a hippo)

* What are these? (These are hippos, used when they pick up two)

* For when they don't match, they can say: This is a hippo and this is a lion (or "that is a lion," to refine the demonstratives)

* What color is the ______ ? Is it fat or thin? Adjectives! * Is this a gorilla? No, this isn't. This is a monkey. * Difficult plurals: these are deer, these are wolves.

Outside the concentration game itself, I use them to teach I am and you are. I will put a monkey card on my head and a giraffe card on the student's head, and he will say: I am a giraffe, you are a monkey.

Anyway, to justify the effort I made in making those cards, I am using them in many different ways for many different classes. I use all parts of the cow.

Name: Roger Fusselman
Email: [email protected]
Location: Taejon, South Korea

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