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For a year I have been fooling myself that I have any artistic talents at all. I've spent too much time cutting, pasting, taping, tracing . . . to make worthwhile ESL worksheets appropriate for my specific classes. Today, I've discovered something that could have saved me hours (if not days or weeks) during my first year teaching high school ESL. I bought Printmaster Gold Publishers Suite. It's amazing. Within an hour I had 25 color 8x11 visual aides on summer activities. It's so easy I could cry for all the time and tape I've wasted. All you do is type in a general description of a type of picture you're looking for, and out of the thousands of graphics, it does the work for you. All you have to do is briefly play around with the size and positioning. (What I would have done to know this in September!). July and August, here I come!

Name: Michele Kinzel
Email: [email protected]
Location: New York, NY USA

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