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Note Cards for Asking/Answering Questions

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This is an incredibly simple - yet OH so effective - idea that gives the students in 'conversation' classes the opportunity to practice asking questions. There's no point in standing there with a clipboard and bombarding the students with questions for 60 minutes; eventually they're going to have to know how to ask for directions to the loo in some foreign town. I buy about 100 index cards, cut them in halves and on each, write out (in big clear lettering) the beginnings of a question. Such as 'could you....?' 'when was the last time.....?' 'how many.....?' 'do you think......?' 'where is the..........?' etc etc.

I put them all in a big envelope and we all take turns asking eachother questions. And if they've done their homework - ahem - they'll know their vocab and can string together a simple/fabulously complex sentence.
We each direct the question to one person in particular and then they give an answer - with me nudging them gently in the grammatically-correct direction. It's a good opener - or closure - to a class. Or it's a great class all on its own. It's gets the students to bond and laugh and it increases their confidence in communicating. Hope you give it a try!

Name: Sharon
Email: [email protected]
Location: Moscow, Russia

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