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Get to know your students! Although we all know that imperfect control of a language doesn't make one an incomplete person, it's easier to remember this when we know more about a student than where he/she's from, what class she/he's in, and what language problems he/she has. Learning a bit about a student's background, interests, plans, and so on can go a very long way in making your class a more engaging, meaningful experience for all concerned. For students: Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Learning English (or any language) takes practice and more is involved than putting knowledge in your head. (Learning a language is like learning to play tennis or to play the piano. Only learning a grammar rule or the meaning of a word isn't enough.) The important thing is to use English. As you use English more and more, your confidence will increase--and so will your English ability. And remember--everyone makes mistakes. (I've been speaking English for
more than 50 years and I make plenty of mistakes!)

Name: Dennis Oliver
Email: [email protected]
Location: Phoenix, AZ USA

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