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Using the Senses

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I try to get my students to bring their senses into their writing, and use various activities to demonstrate the power of the senses.

I bring in a variety of smells, have each student close his/her eyes, and then describe/guess what the smell is. Afterwards, smells are passed around and smell metaphors* are created (excellent activity!).

SOUND I bring in a tape of a rain storm and play about a 10 minute segment. Students have to answer the following questions:

* Describe everything you hear
* Where is the scene taking place?
* Are there any people?
* What do you feel?

For homework, students write a short story based on what they heard on the tape.

I bring in a variety of objects, place them on a table, and cover them with a sheet (very dramatic!). After uncovering them, I have the students study them for approximately one minute. After covering them again, students have to list as many of the obje cts as they can remember. Afterwards, each student chooses an object and writes a brief description. Objects are passed around so that each student is given a chance to describe a variety of objects. I also place chairs back to back (so each paired student cannot see one another) . After receiving an object, one student will describe and the other will write. After guessing the object, a new object is given. Very fun activity and one of my better suc cesses of the session!

Name: Dave Sperling
Email: [email protected]
Location: LA, CA USA

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