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An immense help to me as a language learner has been taking fun songs (whatever kind you like and is available: classics, drinking songs, pop songs, opera, show tunes, whatever) in the language I'm learning and transcribing the lyrics so I know them. Then I listen to those songs and sing along either aloud (assuming I'm not in a situation where there's anyone around to be disturbed by me crooning in Haitian; don't try this on the El) or silently following along and recalling the meaning of the lyrics. This won't help much if you're trying to learn Innuit, but folks learning English are lucky, in that wherever they are on Earth, there's probably tons of English-language music of every kind for them to listen to. Especially as lyric transcription is sometimes pretty hard, it's sometimes a worthwhile exercise to lead a class thru the lyrics of a song. Now, Madonna's CD's might not go over great with everyone, but I'm sure everyone in a class would at least put up with, say, Tony Bennett. "I've got music, I've got rhythm", anyone?

Name: Sean M. Burke
Email: [email protected]
Location: Evanston, IL USA

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