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To encourage your students to keep their own vocabulary records, to help them "learn" the words you cover in class, and to provide them with a sense of progress regarding the amount of words they learn, try keeping a class set of vocab cards. You can use index cards or just slips of paper. On one side the *students* write the word, and on the other the meaning (translation, English definition, part of speech, picture, pron points etc etc etc - at the beginning of the course discuss what constitutes a helpful record of new words). These cards are then kept in a box/envelope by the teacher, or ideally in the classroom for students to access them. At various points during the course, use the cards in various revision activities, perhaps at the beginning or end of lessons. Students can test each other, play vocab games, use (e.g. five) of the words each in a story, the options are many. If you stick with it, students will certainly start to remember the new words *and* hopefully how to use them, and they can see how many words they've actually learnt.

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