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Classroom-fun at the click of a button! This school-year I started using a so-called " Visual Message Display " which I fixed on the wall just above the blackboard. Normally this display is used for advertising purposes in shops, railway-stations etc. It is used to run messages. Character by ch aracter the message appears on the display , running from the right to the left. Instead of a message I run jokes on it. At the beginning of each lesson I run a new joke , which takes about the same time as would be needed to tell it orally. Halfway the lesson this is done a second time and just before the end of the lesson a student is told to tell the joke to his fellow-students. For the input of the jokes I use a personal computer. All jokes have been put on a floppy-disk so all I have to do is click a button. Alsdo a handheld infra-red remote keyboard allows one to edit a joke and transfer it to the display from anywhere in the classroom. This is real fun fort the student who is allowed to tell his joke to his classmates and to the other students in the next l essons. In the same way love-messages are sent to or exchanged with students from other classes. At the end of this school-year I will have 160 jokes. They are recorded on a floppy-disk and available for those who are interested. If you need information about what kind of display could be used , drop me an E-mail.

Name: Anno Govers
Email: [email protected]
Location: Berkel-Enschot, The Netherlands

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