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How are you feeling today?

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***You need a copy of the popular poster, "How are you feeling today?". I made a handout with three columns headed "Words", "My Guess", and "Actual Meaning". The students guessed the meanings of the words (from the poster) and as a homework assignment, they filled in the actual meanings. Then I gave them a photocopy of the poster with the words blanked out and they tried to match the words to the faces. Later they were given a copy of the poster with the words and they compared their answers. They really enjoyed this! I then introduced synonyms for the "feeling" words. After they had learned these, the class took pictures of each other making "ecstatic", "perplexed", "diffident" etc... faces. We glued the pics to posterboard and hung it on the door. The class is proud of the poster and the fact that they know so many new ways to express their feelings!

Name: Rhonda
Email: [email protected]
Location: Long Island, New York USA

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