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Dialogue Diary

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Teachers - encourage your students to keep a dialogue diary with you. Each day/week/whenever they feel like it, they write to you in an exercise book. You read what they have written, and reply. The aim is to encourage fluent writing through communication - writing is *not* corrected. It also helps to build up good rapport between teacher and student. It can however require a lot of work on the part of the teacher, depending on how many classes you use the idea with, and on how many of your students write and how often they do so. Students can write about anything - they can tell the teacher about their day/week, about their plans for the weekend, or they can ask about problems they are having with English, or about the teacher/life in the teacher's country. I would say it's definitely worth the extra work. Make it an optional activity, and not all your students will opt in anyway - only those who want to.

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