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Here's a fantastic idea that we are trying to get off the ground. If you are connected to the Internet and have E-mail capability why don't you use it to start E-mail correspondance with your students or yourself. We have just recently connented to the Internet and the interest that it has generated in English has been fantastic! My Students love to write and receive letters from people from all over the world and it is so simple! Plus I think that it is one of the best ways to prove to them that they are learning and they are improving. So many times students study ing languages become frustrated because they feel as if they will never use what they are learning. By writting letters via E-mail they test their language abilities every time and see first hand the fruits of their labor, because they can receive a response so quickly versus conventional methods. If this interests you please feel free to write us at m [email protected]. Our students are of all ages and of all levels of language ability. I know that they would love to hear from and they will write you back before you know it!

Name: Juan Carlos Ortz Ordoez
Email: [email protected]
Location: Ubrique, Ca Spain

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