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Renting a Video

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One of the ideas that I frequently suggest to my students is to rent English movies on videotape. In Korea, many American movies are available with Korean subtitles. I tell the students to watch the movie with a piece of paper or cardboard over the area where the subtitles appear. If they do not understand a certain section of the movie, they can back it up and rewatch that section until they understand it. For teachers living in a foreign country- this is a great way to teach yourself the host country's language. Watch the movie and listen to the English words while watching the subtitles. Keep a pad of paper an pen handle to take notes! One note- many of the Korean translations are not very good. In one action movie I watched ... I think it might have been "Die Hard", the villain yelled at his comrades, "Get the f*ck in here!!!" The translation was basically "Come in please." :-) )

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