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A writing exercise for intermediate & above.

Students sit in a circle/ They need a piece of size is best or have a stapler handy depending on size of class. Tell students that they are to think of a serious question t hat they really want to know the answer to. Ask them to write the question at the top of the paper and be sure they don't sign their names. Draw a circle around the question. Pass their paper to the right. Answer the question on the paper they received in writing. Allow only about 2 minutes or so per answer. When most seem finished pass the paper to the right again. Continue passing and writing until all have answered all questions and have received their own paper back again.Read answers and discuss. Thi s is also a good way for the teacher to participate and get feedback to a question about the class's feelings about any teaching issue.

Name: Lesley
Email: [email protected]
Location: Northampton, MA USA

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