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Hi!! I'm presently teaching english as a second language. Here I have an idea - the game is called Dilemma.This game is all about imagination and prediction. The game goes thus: Firstly, make 40-60 situational cards according to the size of the class. Each student should have either 2 or 3 cards each so that they have a choice. For a class of 20 or less play as a class, if more than 20 divide the class into groups. Each student writes down how one his classmates would react, according to him. If the latter agrees, the former scores a point, if not he can challenge the latter. This proved to be a successful classroom activity. This is my first experience in teaching foreign students. Most of them are from China.I would appreciate any feedback from anyone, as to how to make my classes more interesting and enriching (teaching aids and materials are welcome).

Name: Girija Rajagopal
Email: [email protected]
Location: Singapore, Singapore

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