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Visiting a Kindergarten

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This was a very successful activity this past school year. With the help of a kindergarten teacher at an elementary school within walking distance of my high school, I designed a number of activities during which my ESL students worked with the kindergartners. My students did interviews and wrote compostitons about their buddies. They helped their buddies with various activities involving money values, letters and sounds, printing, reading, and so on. They played concept games. They perpared and read folktales and children's storeis to their buddies. They made mini-presentations about their cultures. This culminated in a visit by the kindergartners to our campus. My students had prepared campus tour and had written stories starring their buddies about the year's activities. Students commented that their listening ability improved and that they were not worried about how they said something because the five-year-olds didn't care about language errors. If you are near an el ementary and can find a congenial teacher to work with, try this. We all loved it.

Name: Nancy Schwalen
Email: [email protected]
Location: San Jose, CA USA

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