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A quick "no resource" activity that can be easily adapted... Give the students an empty chart with about 4 headings at the top of the page. Depending on what you want to use this exercise for, the headings can be varied..some suggestions.."name" "country" "profession/occupation" "special talents"...On a Monday morning I like to use the headings.."name" "how was his/her weekend" and "two things he/she did". Students have to go around one at a time and give their own information. When they are not giving their own info, they must be listening carefully to the other students in order to get their charts filled in. Not only does it reinforce name learning, students can practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. They also practice asking for repetition and clarification. Sometimes I ask question s at the end to check if the information is correct, ie. "what did Esmail do this weekend?" With low level class I pre-teach a variety of adjectives use to describe one's weekend, and go over some activities so the vocab is more accessible.

Name: Lisa McQueen
Email: [email protected]
Location: Kingston, Canada

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