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This is a a good ice-breaker for the first or second day of classes. Materials needed are an inflatable globe blown up, and dot stickers (available in stationary stores). Yellow is the most visible color. Students introduce themselves and give their names to the class. Have students stand in a circle. Begin by throwing the globe ball to someone else and have the student throwing say the name of the person who is to receive the ball. (Teacher demonstrates first). If the student can' t remember the intended receiver's name just ask the person to repeat his or her name and then say the name and throw the globe. Do this until the names are somewhat familiar then pick up the pace and throw faster. When all names are familiar to all, stop and ask the students to take a yellow dot and place it on the glob on their hometown in their home country. (Don't put the dots on before throwing or they will fall off.) Discussion/Q & A can follow depending on level about each student's country, home town. Also, comparisons of who lives furthest from their US city, who lives closest, and comparisons of US with student's own country. Good practice for contrasting asking another's name politely and informally, comparative/superlative adjectives (further /furthest), reported speech relating to information about students' countries could follow pair work exchange of information about individual countries.

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