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Medical Books to Teach Pronunciation

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Teachers whose students are having a difficult time in pronunciation may want to try looking at an illustrated medical book to determine mechanistically how sounds are generated. For example, "f" is created by placing the tips of the top teeth on the bottom lip and blowing out. "v" is done exactly the same, except it is voiced (i.e. the vocal chords are also vibrating). Explaining the mechanics of pronunciation may be better for your students than simply repeating the sound to t hem. When I was teaching in the Czech Republic, one of the fun ways I found to practice prepositions was through the creation of a treasure hunt/obstacle course. I wrote instructions on small pieces of paper and put them in various places around the building. The first might read, "look under the book on the blue shelf", the paper there might read "go outside and find a small rock. place it next to the plant by the window", etc... Because English is an individualistic language, "come to" and "go to" can be best explained by emphasizing the relationship with the speaker. I come to San Diego (I'm there now). I go to San Francisco, (I'm not there now). Hope to add more latter, but I've got to go teach.

Name: Fred Williams
Email: [email protected]
Location: San Diego, CA USA

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