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Pair work is very important in larger classes, for obvious reasons. I have found great success in pair work through role-play. Specifically, I found the following two exercises suitable for intermediate, adult learners. Bring in a resume, or talk about resumes for a few minutes. Ask the students what goes on a resume. Next, have all students quickly (10 minutes) write a resums in English. Encourage exaggeration, even lies (comedy is so important for enjoying a conversation class). Next, have them work with partners taking turns interviewing each other for jobs. Choose the jobs: possible (fun) choices are McDonalds, KFC, Gas station attendant, NASA Astronaut, CIA spy, Military General, Model, anything a little out of the ordinary, or at least not what the majority of the students expect to do with their lives. Review frequently asked interview questions beforehand. (the students will know the questions in their native language for the most part). After everyone has been interviewed and been the interviewer, query the class on their success: did the applicant get the job? How did they do? I've had a lot of success with this activity. It usually takes about 40 minutes.

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