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I use the well-known game "STOP" in order to make students reviewing vocabulary. It as simple as this: draw a chart on the board, showing as much columns as the fields you want (e.g. sports, animals, etc) You add two more columns: one for points and the other for "letters". You can leave two or three subjects to be choosen by students. The game starts picking up a letter from a bag (this is easy to do). Students have to fill a word for each category. The first one who has completed ALL the columns, says STOP. And the other have to stop writting. At this point all answers are checked. Original ones are scored twice than shared ones, and the ones that only one student has, are scored three times. The winner is who scored more points after a roun, say 5 letters. You can adjust the game depending on the level, play it individually or as a group. They love it!

Name: Jesus Gonzalez
Email: [email protected]
Location: Madrid, Spain

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