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Monopoly Variation

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I too have a game idea that has been very successful in my classes. I make a gameboard from poster board using the layout of a monopoly. We use the gamepieces from the monopoly game (i.e., shoe, hat, etc). I use topics we have d iscussed recently to make the squares on the board. Such as, one square may say "What time is it" or "Where do you live" or there may be a picture glued in the square and it may say "What's this?" Some squares say "Go ahead 2 spaces" or "Go back 2 space s" or using the Monopoly money a square may say "pay the bank $20" There is also a square that says Draw a card. I use the flash cards from past lessons and they must draw a card and make a sentence using the word. And just like monopoly, we roll the di ce to count the spaces around the board. There are no write and wrong answers, it's just a way to get them to talk and for me to make improvements to their pronunciation and sentence structure. I made one game that was just verbs. A color coded stick o n dot indicated what form of the verb they were to use. They made complete sentences using the forms of the verbs. Such as, a yellow dot on the "read" square meant they were to say the past tense of "read" (Yesterday I read the book). A roll of the dic e and each number could mean a specific form of the verb. I've also used a Parchessi(sp.) board to make a game board. It is laid out with thin blank rectangles, just perfect for writing words (mine has adjectives and they tell me the forms of the adjectives like, "good, better, best" and sometimes we make sente nces. Games, as other have given ideas for are one of the best ways to get your class to participate. Thanks for your ideas ESL teachers, I'm sure I'll be using some of them.

Name: Sandi
Email: [email protected]
Location: Garland, TX USA

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