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Drawing Shapes

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Here's a game idea for intermediate to advanced students... Draw some simple pictures containing only basic shapes and lines. Circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and straight or curved lines. Be sure to keep the drawings down to two or three elements at first...keep them simple! A 5 X 7 or smaller index card works well for this. Next split the class up into teams (if it's a large class), groups of three to five work well. One person from each group is chosen to go to the blackboard to draw. Without letting the 'draftsman' see, give your drawing to his or her teammates and have them tell the 'draftsman' how to draw your diagram on the chalkboard. This is excellent not only for listening comprehension, but it also helps students quickly see how they express themselves is interpreted by others. I've used this exercise in Taiwan so many times that I've almost persuaded myself that I made it up...who knows? It doesn't matter, it's a good exercise wherever it came from. More advanced students can be taught to describe shapes by associating them with other things; "It looks like the moon with a bite taken out of it on the upper left." Very solid drill on spatial relationships and shape names. Happy teaching! Zai Jain lao shi men!

Name: Vincent Frost
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