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Mini-Field Trips

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I like to take my ESL "Newcomer" students (middle school) on "mini-field trips". Yesterday we went on a tour of the school store. Before the trip we practiced saying "How much is ...?" and "How much are ...?" Then each student prepared a question for our tour guides, such as "Is the store school open during lunch?" and "How much are the Snickers?". In addition to asking questions, students did a sketch of something they saw during the mini-field trip. They will turn these ske tches into postcards on large index cards. Eventually they will each create a photo album of their incredible mini-field trips. Upcoming trips include, a local park, the cafeteria, the gym, the office, my car, a nearby store, a neighbor's garden, etc. A lso, writing thank you letters to our tour guides is a good follow up activity.

Name: Philip Decker
Email: [email protected]
Location: Salem, OR USA

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