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Instructors using the Internet with their ESL students may have found that their is simply far too much information for ESL students to digest. The key is to find Web sites that allow ESL students to focus on one topic/subject and still give them access to the same tools they would find elsewhere elsewhere on the Internet (ie: search engines, discussion groups, mailing lists, Real Audio, forms, etc.) This is a problem that my colleagues and I and have tried to address. Summarily, we have created a web site called WritingDEN, located at:

If you are concerned about exposing your ESL students to the information over-load of the Web, why not bring them to WritingDEN and have them explore our topics in history, nature and technology. WritingDEN's teaching-language-through-content approach is a captivating and effective way of instructing ESL students.

Name: Esther Wang
Email: [email protected]
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada

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