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Sentence Auction

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This idea is noisy but very popular.

Material Needed: Sentence List. A bag of dry beans (or other counters).

Compile a list of sentences containing frequent student errors. Mixed in with these sentences, are grammatically correct sentences. Number the sen tences. Photocopy the list for all students. The length of the list depends on the time allotted. Divide the class into small groups of mixed ability. Give all students a copy of the list. Give all groups an equal amount of dry beans in a container. Explain that you are going to 'auction' off each sentence individually. Give a specific amount of time for discussion before auctioning each sentence. Each group must reach agreement among all members before bidding so one person can't dominate. Accept bids from the various groups. The issue is simply to decide as a group whether or not the sentence is grammatically correct and if so bid on it. ids should be for correct sentences only. The highest bidder wins the sentence IF it is correct. If not correct, the amount bid is forfited. The winner is the group with the highest number of correct sentences AND the highest number of beans. Good review for a test or a unit.

Name: Lesley
Email: [email protected]
Location: Northampton, MA USA

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