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Uno Variation

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This game is based on the ever handy and simple UNO however, instead of using colours and numbers as a basis for laying down cards various prepositions and objects are used. Simply make various cards (at least 28 for a group of four) with simple objects (balls, cats, mice, etc) and place them in various positions relative to larger objects (cars, tables, sofas, etc). Keep the number of objects to four (like the number of colours in UNO). The starting card can be anything but the fo llowing card must have the same preposition or object in order to lay it on the previous. eg The first card is "The cat is on the table" The second card must have a cat or the smaller object must be on the larger object (The ball is on the sofa). This gam e can be expanded by making the person who lays the card on the table ask the next person, "Where is the...." to which the respondant must answer correctly to place his card on the table. The winner is the first person to shed herself of all her cards.

Name: Al Soiseth
Email: [email protected]
Location: Moriya, Ibaragi Japan

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